San Francisco….you stole my heart. Over the long weekend I got to spend a lovely 5 days in San Francisco with Quinn. We stayed in the Clift Hotel downtown on Geary Street, which was absolutely stunning. Can we just talk about how obsessed I was with the decor of the lobby? 1798428_10201127992673585_342552474_n



That peach arm chair; I die. I spent a good amount of time sitting by that fireplace on Sunday morning with a nice cup of coffee while I waited for an appointment. It was absolutely delightful. The whole decor of the hotel was very posh and rich.



Hallway mirrors and bathroom selfies, duh. Not to mention this HUGE chair and amazing vintage stair way.



I miss San Fran already, but will be back so soon. I can’t wait!



Merry Christmas, everyone! My little brother and I went to the ballet of the Nutcracker and got to see some gorgeous ballerinas. He got a little bored, but can we blame him? How handsome does he look in his suit and bow tie? He did insist on the Adidas shoes, though. As for me, I recently purchased this wonderful midi skirt and had to find the right occasion to wear it. Luckily, this was coming up and I got to match it with my favorite J Crew leopard print sweater and forever 21 ankle strap heels.  This was such a festive outfit that was comfortable, too! I love it when that happens. Hope everyone is having a wonderful time with family and friends on this holiday.








This year I am hosting a small-ish Halloween party at my house for the first time. I actually can’t remember that last time I threw a party at my house, it must have been in college when the only thing necessary was to supply everyone with some good music and some drinks, maybe a pizza is they were lucky. Now, though, as a twenty-something working lady I find that my hostess instincts are kicking in and simply providing music and some beverages simply isn’t going to cut it. I want to decorate, I want to cook, I want to bake and I want it to be one hell of a Halloween party. For this to happen I needed some inspiration, and although I know my party won’t end up looking nearly as good as these professionally perfect tables, I have some ideas that I want to try and I can’t wait to share with you guys how it turns out! Now I just have to figure out a costume…

*all images found on Google Images*





Sometimes we get lucky, here in Seattle. What I mean by that is that we don’t actually live in a perpetual downpour of rain like most of the world thinks we do. We do, however, get more than the average city, and because of this it is always a very good day when there is sun on a chilly fall day. It makes it much easier to take photos of a outfit if it is not pouring, plus we can go outside and be active! I love bringing some bright colors into the fall weather, it makes it colorful and fun like the weather, and this pink blazer is one of my all time favorites for basically every season that I am not freezing.

Jeans: 7 for All Mankind

Wedges: H&M circa 2012!

Blazer: Nordies

Sweater: J Crew

a b c d e


Other than my obvious obsession with sequins, which at this point might be becoming a serious problem. Is there a Sequins Anonymous? If so, I should go. But on a more serious note, I really do love wearing al little more sequin bling in the fall and winter months. I find the holidays so fun, happy and decorative that wearing sparkly things seems to simply be getting in the spirit of things. Just wait until Christmas, I will probably be a freaking glitter ball….just kidding, kind of!


Skirt: Macy’s

Boots: Dolce Vita via Nordstrom

Chambray: J-Crew

Sweater: H&M

Purse: old, but you can find similar on by searching “studs”








This past weekend, my lovely boyfriend, Quinn, took me on a very fun date at Barolo in Seattle. I had heard wonderful things about this place recently and after looking up the menu on their website, I decided I couldn’t resist the “best Italian food in the city”, or so my boss said. I work with quite a few Italians, so I took their word for it. And they weren’t lying, the food is absolutely amazing. Everything we had there was amazing, the wine, the food, even the bread they bring before our meal. I think my favorite part about the restaurant was the ambiance, with the dark lighting, cozy corner tables, gorgeous chandeliers, and stunning floor to ceiling wine shelf, it really does feel as though you have walked into some kind of Italian villa with all the finest trimmings. I highly recommend this place for dinner parties, date nights, or even just a few drinks at their bar with friends.

Visit their website @ www.baroloseattle.coim





This is definitely not the hardest DIY you will ever see, but it is so easy and so quick that I had to share. I went to a local TJ Maxx and got these plain white mugs for about $4 each, and I already had a million sharpies, so the only step left was to figure out what design I wanted to draw. Now honestly, I didn’t think about that much, I just kind of went to town and I ended up messing up a lot, hence why I started with four mugs and only ended with three. Oops, I may or may not have butchered one. Either way, this is a really inexpensive way to add some of your own flare to a plain mug and would make a great party favor or gift!